Water Reuse

6th IWA Specialist Conference
on Membrane Technology for Water & Wastewater Treatment

4-7 October 2011, Eurogress Aachen, Germany


Safe water supply and sustainable water resources management demand for appropriate water and wastewater treatment technologies. Membranes are increasingly playing an essential role in water purification and in concepts aiming at closing the water cycle.
Hence the scope of the 6th IWA Specialist Conference, which is organised by the Institute for Environmental Engineering (ISA) and the Chair for Chemical Process Engineering (AVT) of RWTH Aachen University, covers the whole range of membrane applications in the water sector. A variety of aspects related to drinking water treatment, domestic and industrial wastewater treatment, new membrane materials and configurations as well as process optimisation will be discussed.
It is carried out in conjunction with the International Water Association (IWA). In the IWA 10,000 individual and 400 corporate members from 130 countries are brought together as leading water professionals in science, research, technology and practice to work towards responsible water resources utilisation.



The early bird registration deadline is approaching. To use the discount for early registration we invite all interested IWA members to register online until 30 June, 2011.

The preliminary programme structure is already available on our website: www.iwa-mtc2011.org
From 7 June the title of oral papers will published in the preliminary programme.

Plenary and Keynote Speakers:

Plenary presentations:
Thomas Melin, Mark von Loosdrecht, Menachem Elimelech

Keynote presentations:
Gary Amy, Xia Huang, Valentina Lazarova, Jan Hofman, Franz-Bernd Frechen, Maria Kennedy, Hansriidi Siegrist.


Four different very attractive technical tours which will take place on 6 October can be booked now. Descriptions are also available on the website.
The industrial exhibition is attracting a lot of attention, numerous booths are already booked.
For interested companies it is still possible to book places (contact: krumm@isa.rwth-aachen.de).
More technical details can be obtained from Claudia Niewersch: Claudia.Niewersch@avt.rwth-aachen.de

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Membrane Technology and Water Reuse