Water Reuse
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Day 2: Wednesday - October 20, 2010

IWA-MTWR-2010, Istanbul-Turkey


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Day 2: Wednesday - October 20, 2010


Water Reuse with Membranes (3)

Membrane Bioreactors (MBR) (3)

New Membrane Materials (3)


Keynote 4: Water reuse versus seawater desalination - Evaluation of the economic and environmental viability S. Ytice, C. Kazner, R. Hochstrat, T. Wintgens, T. Melin (Germany, 198)

Keynote 5: Improving the Performance of MBRs A.G.Fane (Singapore, 368)

Keynote 6: Preparation and application of patterned membranes to water treatment
C.H. Lee, Y.J. Won, J.W. Lee, D.C. Choi, J.H. Kim, S. Park (South Korea, 402)


The osmotic membrane bioreactor (ombr) for reuse of wastewater E.R. Cornelissen, D.J.H. Harmsen, E.F. Beerendonk, J.J. Qin, H.Oo, K.F. de Korte, J. Kappelhof (Netherlands, 71)

Performance improvement of full scale membrane bioreactors C. Brepols, K. Drensla, A. Janot, T. Engels, N. Engelhardt (Germany, 69)

Affinity membranes made from cellulose acetate for the removal of copper ions from aqueous solutions M. M. Naim, M. M. Elewa (Egypt, 284)



Enhancing separate MBR by a new intermediate sieving strategy F.-B. Frechen, M. Ohme, W. Schier (Germany, 500)

Membranes and functional polymers to remove hazardous species B. L. Rivas, E. Pereira, J. Sanchez, M. Palencia (Chile, 270)


Alternative Hybrid SAT-membrane treatments to upgrade effluent quality A. Aharoni, M. Ernst, S.K. Sharma, G. Amy, Y. Guttman, N. Tal, T. Kreitzer, A. Putschew, M. Jekel, C. Kazner, T. Wintgens, K. Vairavamoorthy, H. Cikurel (Israil, 95)

Comparison of nitrogen removal and sludge characteristics between a conventional and a simultaneous nitrification-denitrification membrane bioreactor
M. Paetkau, N. Cicek (Canada, 52)

Performance review of extra fouling resistant membranes in industrial applications
K. Majamaa, S. Rosenberg, A. Shrivastava (Germany, 193)


Evaluation of MBR/RO systems for wastewater reuse
B.-Y. Kim, D.-K. Lim, J.-Y. Joo, Y.-S. Bae,C. Park (South Korea, 253)

Model-aided optimization of submerged membrane bioreactors for nutrient removal in municipal wastewater treatment
G. Guglielmi, A. Pollice, A. Lopez (Italy, 227)

Sol-Gel and InorganicMembranes N.Agoudjil, S.Kermadi, Z.Malek, A.Larbot (Algeria,506)


Coffee Break


Water Reuse with Membranes (4)

Membrane Bioreactors (MBR) (4)

New Membrane Materials (4)


Integrated MBR and RO for Water Reuse
J. Hadler, C. Kullmann (Germany, 21)

Case study: Long term comparison between a full scale WWTP and a MBR pilot plant
G. Buttiglieri, A. Azzellino, H. Bouju, F. Malpei (Italy, 395)

Evaluation of surface properties of reverse osmosis membranes on the initial biofouling stages under filtration condition
Y. Baek, C. H. Ahn, S. Kim, S. Lee, J. Yoon (South Korea, 196)


Investigation of the operation and metal removal in an MBR-RO system S. Malamis, E. Katsou, M. Loizidou, C. Gokcay (Greece, 470)

Comparison between MBR and CASP for priority pollutants removal and surface water quality protection L. Cammilli, R. Gori, C. Lubello, E. Coppini, F. Malpei (Italy, 379)

Characterization of multilayer nanofiltration membranes using positron annihilation spectroscopy D. Nanda, K.-L. Tung (Taiwan, 489)


MBR-RO process for wastewater reuse: role and impacts of activated sludge acclimation to micropollutant on MBR and RO fouling and on retentions M. Jacob, C. Guigui, C. Cabassud, G. Lavison, L. Moulin (France, 217)

MBR technology: A promising approach for the pre-treatment of hospital wastewater
S. Beier, C. Mauer, S. Koster, C. Cramer, H. F. Schroder, J. Pinnekamp (Germany, 233)

Compatible construction and performance of Aquaporinz biomimetic membrane for water purification S.-J. Kim, J. Lee, H.-W. Yu, I. S. Kim
(South Korea, 228)


Integrated MBR-AOP systems for pharmaceutical wastewater treatment A. Pollice, G. Mascolo, A. Pinto, D. Cassano, G. Guglielmi, G. Laera, A. Lopez (Italy, 61)

Fouling mitigation by TiO2 composite
membrane under visible light in
membrane bioreactors
Y.-C. Su, J. R. Pan, C. Huang (Taiwan,

Membrane technology for Asahi Kasei
Microza and application of pvdf
membrane for water treatment
H. Yamamura, H. Fujimura, T. Shimizu,
S. Shiki, M. Hashino, N. Kubota (Japan,


Optimisation of MF membrane cleaning protocol in an indirect potable reuse (IPR) scheme
M. Raffin, E. Germain, S. Tormenta, S. Hills, S. Judd (United Kingdom, 66)

Application of MBR and ozonation technologies for enhancing the removal of micropollutants from municipal sewage
R . Reif., F. Omil, J.M. Lema (Spain, 348)

LD technology™ and hydrablock™ -where membrane technology is evolving A. M. Ferro, R. Boda, C. Bartels (Turkey, 393)




Membrane Based Seawater and Brackish Desalination

Membrane Bioreactors (MBR) (5)

Industrial Wastewater Treatment and Reuse


Keynote 7: Backwashing with demineralized water for UF fouling control in UF-RO desalination S. Li, S. G. J. Heijman, J. Q. J. C. Verberk, J. C. van Dijk, G. Amy (Netherlands, 432)

Keynote 8: The role of MBR technology for the improvement of environmental footprint of wastewater treatment
V. Lazarova, S. M. Ruel, P. Dauthuille (France, 467)

Keynote 9: Water reuse potential of dye-wash process: in Turkey and in Germany
K. Guney, H. Arslan, I. Eisele, H. Ozgiin, R. Minke, I. Koyuncu, H. Steinmetz (Germany, 128)


A comprehensive review of integrated
NF-RO desalination system
N. Afrasiabi, E. Shahbazali (Iran, 298)

Main strategies for improvement of energy efficiency of membrane bioreactor
V. Lazarova, B. Barillon, S. Martin, P. Dauthuille (France, 466)

Development of hybrid membrane process for treatment of textile mill effluent for production of bioler feed water
V. Sapkal, R. Sapkal (India, 490)


How to evaluate the efficiency of membrane-based pretreatments before seawater reverse osmosis (SWRO) S. Laborie, C. Tansakul, C. Cabassud (France, 238)

Energy optimization of large-scale membrane bioreactors - Importance of the design flux
L. M. Palmowski, K. Veltmann, J. Pinnekamp (Germany, 443)

Investigating water reuse potential of washing processes in a textile dye house K. Guney, R. Minke, H. Steinmetz (Germany, 126)


Pilot plant test of SWRO pre-treatment using submerged MF membrane in Changwon city, Korea S. P. Jeong, Y. H. Park, S. Lee (South Korea, 251)

Energy saving MBR-process for wastewater treatment S. Krause, M. Lyko, B. K. Ozturk (Germany, 40)

Reuse of high and low contaminated wastewater streams in textile industry by membrane technologies H. Arslan, H. Ozgun, M. Cakmakci, I. Koyuncu (Turkey, 454)


Coffee Break


Membrane Based Seawater

Membrane Bioreactors

Industrial Wastewater


and Brackish Desalination


Treatment and Reuse






EIA of several chemical species at two

Determination of phage removal

Wastewater recycling in textile industry


desalination locations in Libya

efficiencies of vacuum rotating

T. Pohlers, T. Hackner, S. Meuler, R.


A. Elhassadi (Libya, 493)

membrane and UV disinfection unit
C. Bayoren, O. T. Komesli, C. F. Gokgay
(Turkey, 462)

Teckenberg (Germany, 480)


Integrated approach of microscopic and

Chitosan/BSA/CaCO3 mixtures used to

Water reuse in the textile industry with


macroscopic-scale modelings for

mimic anaerobic effluent UF

using of integrated processes of


seawater reverse osmosis (SWRO)

M. Herrera-Robledo, M. Salmon, V.

wastewater treatment



Castano, A. Noyola (Mexico, 28)

R. Zylla, J. Sojka-Ledakowicz, S.


M. Park, Y. G. Lee, Y. S. Lee, D. H.


Ledakowicz, A. K. Smoika, L. Kos


Jung, J. H. Kim (South Korea, 281)


(Poland, 367)


Performance study of reverse osmosis

Performance of anaerobic membrane

Caustic recovery from denim


plants for seawater desalinationin

bioreactor for sewage sludge treatment

mercerizing wastewaters using


hormozgan province, Iran

E. Meabe, L. Sancho, S. Deleris (Spain,

membrane technology


M. T. Ghaneian, A. R. Zirakrad, H. K.


N. Uzal, U. Yetis, M. Kitis, F. Dilek, C.


Bafrooei, A. Ghasami (Iran, 86)


Varol (Turkey, 407)


Varying seawater salinity as

Biodegradation of mixture of phenol and

Treatment of textile wastewater using


optimization factor in water

chlorophenols using sequential anaerobic

submerged membrane bioreactor


demineralization and efficient way of

hybrid reactor and submerged aerobic

A. Konsowa (Egypt, 154)


municipal waste water utilization

fixed film reactor



F. Fendri, T. Mitchenko, Z. Maletskyi

B. Chauhan, I. H. Farooqi (India, 317)



(Ukraine, 337)




Development of Membrane Distillation

Effect of HRT, SRT and F/M on removal

Treatment and Reuse of detergent


System Using Hydrophobic Hollow

of emerging pollutants present in

industries wastewater


Fiber Membranes

wastewater by membrane bioreactors in

A. R. Iranag, E.Z. Lotfi (Iran, 241)


H. Kim, J. Choi, S. Lee, H. Oh (S. Korea,

aerobic conditions




E. B. Estrada-Arriaga, N. P. Mijaylova, S. L. Garcia (Mexico, 369)



Utilization of photovoltaic technology

Nutrients removal from secondary

Reclamation of the effluent discharge


for augmentation of water distillation

treated wastewater using a membrane

into the ocean from an industrial park by


O. Badran, Y. El-Tous (Jordan, 510)

photobioreactor for microalgae cultivation
K. G. Song, H. S. Oh, K. W. Cho, K. H. Ahn (South Korea, 330)

a novel process
G. Yang, C.-M. Lai (Taiwan, 82)

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