Water Reuse
IWA-MTWR-2010, Istanbul-Turkey



Day 3: Thursday - October 21, 2010

IWA-MTWR-2010, Istanbul-Turkey


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Day 3: Thusday - October 21, 2010


Membrane Based Seawater

Removal of Emerging

Industrial Wastewater


and Brackish Desalination


Treatment and Reuse






Keynote 10: Direct water reclamation

Keynote 11: Use of MBR for

Keynote 12: Crossflow filtration


from domestic wastewater using a hybrid

xenobiotics removal from civil and

hydrocyclone for produced water


forward osmosis membrane bioreactor

industrial wastewaters: First results from



with nanofiltration

an italian national research project

V. Tarabara, W. Shan, M. Gaustad, R.


C. H. Tan, J. Y. Zhang, L. Y. Lee, W.

F. Conti, E. Lanciotti, F. Malpei, G.

Rieck, A. Benard, C. Petty (USA, 245)


Duan, S.L. Ong, H. Y. Ng (Singapore,

Mancini, F. Pirozzi, M. Torregrossa, P.




Verlicchi, R. Vismara (Italy, 350)



Comparison of boron rejection in

Removal of pharmaceutical compounds

Characterization of cake layer in a


forward osmosis and reverse osmosis

in an immersed membrane bioreactor

membrane-coupled sequencing


C. Kim, S. Lee, C. Boo, M. Elimelech, S.


bioreactor treating oilfield produced


Hong (South Korea, 292)

E. Dialynas, C. Antoniou, E. Diamadopoulos (Greece, 31)

A. Pendashteh, W.M. Zahid, A. Fakhru 'l-Razi, L.C. Abdullah, S.S. Madaeni, Z.Z. Abidin, D.R.A. Biak (Malaysia, 38)


Pressure-retarded osmosis for energy

The removal and degradation of

Effect of pre-ozonation in membrane


production: membrane materials and

pharmaceutical compounds during

bioreactor (MBR) system during


operating conditions

membrane bioreactor treatment

treatment of produced water


H. Kim, J.-S. Choi, S. Lee, H. Oh (South

H. Fr. Schroder, J. L. Tambosi, R. F.

B. Atay, S. Erdem, B. Kose, H. Ozgun,


Korea, 373)

Sena, R. F.P.M. Moreira, H. J. Jose, J. Pinnekamp (Germany, 231)

M. E. Ersahin, N. Kayaalp, M. Altinbas, S. Eliduzgun, F. Yilmaz, S. Sayili, P. Hoshan, S. D. Atay, E. Eren, C. Kinaci, I. Koyuncu (Turkey, 460)


Optimal design and simulation of hybrid

Removal of persistent pharmaceutical

The Effect of Centrifuging and


RO/PRO process for water production


Ultrafiltration as Pre-treatment Methods


D. Y. Kim, B. Gu, J. H. Kim, S. Lee, D.

D. Serrano, J.M. Lema, F. Omil (Spain,

on Nanofiltration for Olive Mill


R. Yang (South Korea, 181)


Wastewater (OMW)
T. Coskun, N. Manav Demir, E. Debik
(Turkey, 313)


Ceramic Membranes in Removing Boron

Treatment of pharmaceutical wastewater

Total reuse of effluents in a petroleum


from Processed Geothermal Waters

to the quality of process water

refinery using membrane technology


B.I. Harman, H. Koseoglu, N.O. Yigit, N.

L. N. Gubanov, I. V. Katraeva, M. V.

E. Torres (Brazil, 429)


Kabay, M. Kitis (Turkey, 73)

Kolpakov, Y. S. Kuzina (Russia, 464)


Coffee Break


Membrane Based Seawater and Brackish Desalination (4)

Removal of Emerging Substances (2)

Industrial Wastewater Treatment and Reuse (4)


Halophyte application for beneficial concentrate disposal of inland Reverse osmosis systems M. Hossein (Iran, 275)

Elimination of micropollutants and viruses with ceramic-/ polymeric membrane bio reactors and activated carbon C. Lorey, K.-H. Rosenwinkel (Germany, 244)

Membrane filtration and sonication for industrial wastewater reuse C. Caretti, E. Coppini, E. Fatarella, C. Lubello (Italy, 223)


Nitrate removal by reverse osmosis: application to groundwater treatment S. Aomraoui, R. Haddad, M. Belkacem (Algeria, 206)

Comparison on the removal of emerging pollutants in Mexico City wastewater using flocculation, aerobic biodegradation and membrane filtration A. Guimaraes, B. Jimenez (Mexico, 291)

Use reverse osmosis membrane to reclaim petrochemical wastewater: a pilot study
G. Zhang, Q. Shen, Q. Shen (China, 430)


Comparison of microfiltration and slow sand filtration as a pretreatment of desalination of central arizona project (CAP) water
A. F. Corral, U. Yenal, R. Strickle, J. Nixon, W. P. Ela, R. G. Arnold (USA, 375)

Efficiency of RO/NF membranes at removal of veterinary antibiotics D. Dolar, D. M.Pavlovic, D. Asperger, K. Kosutic (Croatia, 225)

Full scale leachate treatment by MBR
and nanofiltration in Turkey
S. Yildiz, V. Bolahirli, (Turkey, 495)


Reverse osmosis/nanofiltration parallel coupling with recirculation for brackish water desalination
A. Mnif, M. Ben Sik Ali, B. Hamrouni (Tunisia, 398)

Development of Reverse osmosis Technology for ampicilline antibiotic removal from pharmaceutical industrie's effluent
M. Gholami (Iran, 90)

Particle size distribution effects on membrane filtration systems for landfill leachate treatment
N. Buyukkamaci, A. Ayol, A. Filibeli (Turkey, 333)


Minimum energy comsumption in desalination. the chemical potential way P. Penas (Spain, 143)

Optimization of wastewater reclamation system using membrane filtration and oxidation processes: Removal of pharmaceuticals
B. S. Oh, S. G. Oh, P. V. X. Hung, O. Kwon, I. S. Kim (South Korea, 211)

Ultrafiltration and physical-chemical systems as a pre-treatment for an UV-H2O2 process to treat an industrial effluent with high organic load J. C. Mierzwa, E. L. Subtil, I. Hespanhol (Brazil, 277)




Membrane Fouling and Control for Reuse

Removal of Emerging Substances (3)

Hybrid Membrane Processes (1)


Keynote 13: Standardisation of autopsy protocols for the diagnosis of membrane failure and fouling S. J. Cox, A. Antony, Z. Bradford-Hartke, G. L. Leslie (Australia, 289)

Keynote 14: Prospects for reliable predictions of RO/NF membrane colloidal fouling through UF tests A. Karabelas (Greece, 408)

Keynote 15: Anaerobic Membrane Bioreactors: Limitations and Perspectives
J. B. van Lier, J. Yang, H. Spanjers, D. Jeison (Netherlands, 508)


Novel cleaning and fouling control in forward osmosis membranes for wastewater reuse
Y. Yu, S. Seo, S. Lee (South Korea, 358)

Degradation of antineoplastic compounds using an integrated membrane/Electro-oxidation Process P. I. C. Oliveira, S. Velizarov, J. G. Crespo, C. A. M. Portugal (Portugal, 334)

Enhancing the conventional and ecotoxicological efficiency of the partial ozonation process for the degradation of wastewater concentrate W. D. Schepper, J. Dries, L. Geuens, R. Blust (Belgium, 64)


Membrane fouling reduction in an electrically enhanced MBR sytem V. Wei, J.A. Oleszkiewicz, M. Elektorowicz (Canada, 290)

Investigation and development of special hybrid sorbents for application in membrane technologies of arsenic extraction from water N. Makarova, T. Mitchenko, H. Shevchuk (Ukraine, 43)

Submerged NF membrane with MIEX pretreatment for sustainable advanced water treatment
J. Kaewsuk, G. T. Seo, T. S. Lee (South Korea, 177)


A new biofouling control paradigm in MBR: enzymatic quorum quenching H. S. Oh, S. R. Kim, C. S. Yang, H. W.Kim, C. H. Lee, K. M. Yeon, J. K. Lee (South Korea, 257)

Metal Oxide Enhanced Microfiltration for the Removal of Sr and Co from Nuclear Wastewater N. A. Weerasekara, K. Choo , Y. Kim, S. Choi, W. Shin (S. Korea, 409)

Hybrid ceramic microfiltration S. G. J. Heijman, B. Hofs, J. Z. Hamad, M. Kennedy. S. Bakker, G. Amy (Netherlands, 366)


Coffee Break


Membrane Fouling and Control for Reuse

Energy Production

Hybrid Membrane Processes






Influence of microbial products on

Production of bioelectricity from

Effect of two different kinds of


membrane fouling mechanism using

synthetic waste water with a nafion 117

photocatalysts (TiO2) on decomposition


submerged membrane bioreactor

M. Rahimnejad, G. D. Najafpour, A. A.

and ultrafiltration of humic acid


N. Dizge, A. Karagunduz, B. Keskinler

Ghoreyshi, T. Jafarg, F. Haghparast, H.

J. N. Riungu, M. Hesampour, H. M.


(Turkey, 355)

Zareh (Iran, 322)

Mwangi, M. Manttari, A. Pihlajamaki, H. Siren (Kenya, 433)


The effect of sodium sulfate on the

Membrane Selection for Microbial Fuel

Effect of temperature, membrane

fouling in a submerged membrane


resistance and filtration mechanisms on


bioreactor (MBR) for treating

B. Akoglu, G. Aci, E. Taskan, D.



petrochemical wastewater

Karadag, B. Ozkaya, H. Hasar (Turkey,

A. Alhadidi, A.J.B. Kemperman, J.C.


F. Sadeghi, M. R. Mehrnia, M. H.


Schippers, M. Wessling, W.G.J. van der


Sarrafzadeh, R. Nabizadeh, A. K.


Meer (Netherland, 222)


Garakani, M. Askarian (Iran, 303)




A Profound Study on Membrane Fouling

Utilization of membrane filtration for

Pilot scale submerged membrane-


M.M. Naim and M.M. Elewa (Egypt,

harvesting and concentration of

adsorption hybrid system for natural



cultivated microalgae
R. Gori, G. Munz, C. Lubello, D. Daddi,
N. Biondi, M. Tredici (Italy, 165)

organic matter (NOM) removal
M. Akdagli, M. Cakmakci, V. Uyak, t.
Koyuncu (Turkey, 423)


Coffee Break


Closing Ceremony


Conference Dinner

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