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Day 1: Tuesday - October 19, 2010

IWA-MTWR-2010, Istanbul-Turkey


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Day 1: Tuesday - October 19, 2010


Opening Ceremony


Plenary Lecture 1: Hasan Z. Sarikaya and Lutfi Akca (Ministry of Environment and Foresty, Turkey) : Present Situaton of Wastewater Treatment and Reuse in Turkey


Coffee Break


Plenary Lecture 2: Joerg Drewes (Colorado School of Mines, USA): Potable reuse: Overcoming the remaining constraints


Plenary Lecture 3: Mathias Wessling (RWTH Aachen University, Germany): Real time fouling visualization


Plenary Lecture 4: Amy Childress (University of Nevada-Reno, USA) : The paradigm shift from reverse osmosis: forward osmosis and pressure-retarded reverse osmosis




Water Reuse with Membranes

Membrane Bioreactors (MBR)

New Membrane Materials (1)


Keynote 1: New sources of water: Optimizing the use of membranes R.B. Aim, K. Chinu, M. A. H. Johir, S. Vigneswaran, J. Kandasamy (France, 448)

Keynote 2: Do we design membrane bioreactors correctly? F.-B. Frechen, D. Wedi, W. Schier (Germany, 499)

Keynote 3: Nanomaterial-enabled membranes: fullerene composites for desalination
M. R. Wiesner, Z. Hendren, S.-R. Chae, H. Shawky (USA, 424)


Mbr and tertiary filtration - Key
technologies for water reuse
H. Moslang, M. Brockmann (Germany,

Design optimization of membrane bio reactor
V. Sarin (USA, 498)

Microstructured hollow fiber membranes
for ultrafiltration
P. Z. Qulfaz, E. Rolevink, R. G.H.
Lammertink, M. Wessling (Netherlands,


The Sulaibiya wastewater treatment and reclamation project water reuse options up to WHO drinking water standard H.K. Winkler, W. Widmann, I. Al-Ghusain (Austuria, 361)

Effect of hydraulic retention time (HRT) on the performance of a hybrid growth membrane bioreactor (HG-MBR)
F. Yang, W. Ying, M. Herzberg, A. Bick,
G. Oron (Israil, 183)

Synthesis and properties of functionalized carbon nanotubes blend membrane for forward osmosis H.-G. Choi, H. Choi (South Korea, 210)


Urban and industrial wastewater reuse case studies employing Kubota SMU®: sustainable solutions to meet water usage control strategies
M. Kanai, F. Varidakis, V. Ferre, Y. Ooi (United Kingdom, 239)

Large-scale membrane bioreactors for
wastewater treatment
J. Hadler, C. Kullmann (Germany, 22)

Modification of NF membrane surface for NOM fouling reductionM. N. Abu Seman ve N. Hilal (United Kingdom, 503)


Water Reuse with Membranes (2)

Membrane Bioreactors (MBR) (2)

New Membrane Materials (2)


Treated wastewater reuse in agriculture and its feasibility: A case study from a palestinian district
I. Al-Zeer, I. A. Al-Khatib (Palestine, 441)

Complex bacterial communities on the fouled membrane of an inclined plate mbr treating municipal wastewater as identified by molecular based analysis P.M. Fontanos, K. Yamamoto, F. Nakajima, K. Fukushi (Japan, 479)

Comparison of direct surface water treatment performance of ceramic and polymeric membranes B. Hofs, J. Ogier, E. Beerendonk, E. Cornelissen, J. Hofman (The Netherlands, 502)


Greywater Treatment by Membrane Bioreactor
S. Sarioglu, A.Erdincler (Turkey, 332)

Correlation between microbial community structure and biofouling in MBR
S. Y. Lim, S. R. Kim, H. S. Oh, C. H. Lee, K. M. Yeon, S. Kim, J. Chun (South Korea, 380)

Electron beam-based functionalization of polymer membranes A. Schulze, B. Marquardt, S. Kaczmarek, R. Schubert, A. Prager, M. R. Buchmeiser (Germany, 106)


New system for reuse of grey water in Iraqi rural area
A. Ghawi, A. Al-Jeeboory (Iraq, 19)

MBR process using high-performance PVDF flat-sheet membrane Energy cost analysis and results from full scale systems
A. Kitanaka, N. Matsuka, T. Uemura, T. Rieck, P. Kueppers(Switzerland, 422)

Industrial nanofiber membrane production for seperation technology A. Demir, T. Gumus (Turkey, 434)


Influence of operating conditions on the performances of a membrane bioreactor for on-site greywater recycling G. Bulteau, F. Hourlier, A. Masse, P. Jaouen, A. Lakel, C. Gerente, C. Faur, P. Le Cloirec (France, 243)

Effect of dissolved oxygen on
hydrogenotrophic denitrification in
biofilm reactors
J. H. Hwang, N. Cicek, J. A.
Oleszkiewicz (Canada, 41)

Polyelectrolyte multilayer films as backflushable nanofiltration membranes with tunable hydrophilicity and surface charge
W. Shan, P. Bacchin, P. Aimar, M. Bruening, V. Tarabara (USA-France, 507)


Application of dual membrane systems for integrated use of wastewater and rainwater
R. Kim, J.-H. Lee, Y.-M. Kim, S. Lee (South Korea, 376)

High salinity slops treatment through a biofilm membrane bioreactor inoculated with halophilic bacteria M. Torregrossa, G. Viviani, G. Mancini, D. Di Trapani, G. Di Bella, M. Capodici (Italy, 394)

Effect of D2EHPA and DBP as additives on PEEKWC membrane properties prepared by wet phase inversion S. Bey, M.G. Buonomenha, M. Benamor, E. Drioli (Algeria, Italy, 120)


Development of a novel MBR system integrating wastewater reuse and rainwater harvesting T. S. Lee, E.J. Mun, S. K. Hong (South Korea, 295)

Fouling and effluent quality of thermophilic and mesophilic aerobic side-stream membrane bioreactors A. Abeynayaka (Thailand, 346)

Investigation the effect of pH on the removal of chromuim from aqueous solution by using polyaniline/polystyrene nanocomposite
H. Eisazadeh, B. Davodi, M. S. Lashkenari (Iran, 318)

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